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POP Tennis is the designated tennis coaching provider at the British Club  for the WITS Ladies Program and the JUNIOR Profram. Currently there are 4 outdoor tennis courts. 

Our mission is to provide an opportunity for everybody to play and discover the game of tennis with long-term engagements for players that are willing to reach their potential and become competitive tennis players. Our family-oriented environment encourages players to reach their goals by embracing daily challenges on the court. The coaches in charge of this program have experience all over the world with kids of all ages and levels.

Timote Loew and Anais Gomar are the Director of Tennis runnig the WITS program at The British Club. Tim and Anais offer private coaching (1 on 1) and private group training to all British Club members during the mornings and after school hours. 

Martin Senaj is the director of the Junior Program at the British club. Martin offers private coaching (1 on 1) and private group training to all the British Club members during some mornings and weekends.

If you have any questions regarding our schedule of coaching times, and dates, as well as skill level, please contact:

Phone: 81662042 | Email:

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