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Best Tennis Outfits for Man & Woman While Playing 

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Tennis is a quite popular sport that is known to be played all around the world. With a number of multi-directional patterns and movements, this sport requires you to quickly run, swing, jump, and even stretch. This is the reason why you will need a suitable tennis outfit that can help to complement all these movements.

Moreover, if you are a newbie in the field of tennis then you may not be sure about tennis fashion.  There maybe many questions in your mind like: Should you get a tennis skirt or shorts? What are the best material for tennis tops or what material tennis shoes should you purchase?

In this article, you can get answers to all these questions with a few tips regarding how to choose the right tennis outfits while playing.

So let's get started!

Best Tennis Dress According to the Place Where You're Playing

Before you start to think about your tennis outfit it is important to consider the location where you are playing this sport.

Here are the locations for, playing tennis and the outfits you can wear according to them:

  • If you are playing tennis at an open play tennis court like a local park or a leisure centre then you can wear any type of sportswear. At these locations, it is not mandatory to wear tennis-specific clothes or shoes but make sure you wear an outfit that helps you with your performance instead of decreasing your efficiency. One important tip to remember here is to choose the type of footwork that will not damage or mark the court.

  • The next location where you can play tennis is a tennis club. But in this case, you will have to follow the exact rules and regulations regarding the dress code of the particular tennis club. Each club has its own rules and regulations. Generally, you will be required to wear a tennis outfit namely tennis tops and bottoms rather than generic sportswear.  Some types of tennis clubs also have tennis dress codes regarding the color of your attire.

  •  If you are playing tennis for a competition then you will have to find the dress code and rules and regulations regarding the particular competition by contacting the organiser. In this case, also you will be required to wear specific colors that can help to set you apart from the crowd. You must follow the dress code very particularly in a competition otherwise you may get disqualified.

Dress Code for Tennis

As mentioned above, there are different types of locations where tennis can be played. Based on these locations tennis may have a dress code or may not. Say, for example, if you are playing at a local park then you may not have to follow any particular dress code.  

On the other hand, if you are playing at certain clubs then you may have to follow the dress code. Hence, tennis as a sport does not generally follow a particular dress code. But you may have to follow certain rules and regulations depending on the location where you are playing the game.

Benefits of Tennis outfits over normal sportswear

Clothing designed specifically for tennis is crafted while keeping in mind the needs of this sport. This clothing is made from sweat-wicking material that will help to draw any moisture away from your skin and make you feel comfortable while you practice multi-dimensional movements.

For the same reason, wearing the proper tennis attire can have a great impact on your performance, especially during long and tedious sessions thus helping to increase your efficiency.

Here are some of the features of tennis clothing that help to differentiate this type of outfit from generic sportswear.

  • Tennis tops are designed to provide you with ample freedom of movement. They are quite loose specifically around the shoulders and the neck so as to help you comfortably serve the tennis ball.

  • Tennis clothes like tennis tops, skirts, and shorts are generally longer on the front side as compared to generic sportswear. The reason behind this is to protect your skin during multi-directional movements like serving.

  • The major benefit of wearing best tennis clothes is that they are made from moisture-repelling fabrics. Tennis sessions usually last longer than a couple of hours. Hence tennis clothes like tops and shorts must be made from moisture-repelling fabrics like polyester and spandex. Clothes like cotton which are non moisture-repelling will lead to chafing because they absorb moisture.

  • Tennis clothes are even made with tennis-specific features like ball pockets in shorts and skorts, abrasion-free seams and even cooling in particular areas that get hotter during the sessions.

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Tennis style attire

1. Headwear- Accessory

Headwear is one of the most important types of accessories you must add to your tennis outfit. Tennis players wear headgear even while playing on the local courts. There are three main types of headgear which you can consider to wear during the tennis sessions. These three types include headbands, hats, and visors.

Visors or hats come in handy when you are playing on outdoor courts because they will help you deal with the brightness of the sun. During tennis sessions that last for more than a couple of hours, the sun and its heat can be a great hindrance.

So these types of headgear will protect your face and head from the powerful race of the sun thus, maintaining your efficiency while playing. A headband is another headgear that helps to prevent any sweat from running down into your eyes. Since tennis is a physically demanding sport, it is likely that you may be sweating while playing. But the headband makes sure that this sweat doesn't get in your way.

2. Tops: Classic White or other shades | Polos

Generally, tennis Polo shirts are available for both men and women. However, there are even sleeveless collarless shirts specifically designed for tennis that may be permitted at certain tennis clubs. These clubs allow you to pick a t1ennis top option that is most feasible for you like a tank top. However, tank tops worn for tennis should be specifically designed for the game and resemble a sleeveless and collarless shirt.

3. Skorts

The majority of female tennis players wear skorts while playing the game. Skorts are the built-in shorties that help you to perform a wide range of movements while playing this multi-directional game. They are quite comfortable to wear and come in two main styles.

The first style includes a skirt with a built-in panty and the second style comes with skirts with built-in shorts.  The material or fabric of the skirt in the skort does not have an important role in affecting your efficiency while playing but it is the short beneath the skirt that is more important. It makes sure that there is no display of any undergarments while playing.

4. Dresses

Dresses are also worn for tennis because they make it easy for you to get ready. You can pair up your tennis dress with shorties that have ball pockets in them. But the females also need to remember to wear a ball clip on their waistband while wearing dresses for the tennis sessions.

Also, find sports bra for your dresses that provide you with support as well as comfort and are made from breathable fabrics.

5. Jackets

In winter, a Tennis jacket or a warm-up is crucial to help keep your muscles warm. You must prep and warm your muscles before the session because otherwise, it could result in an injury. Make sure that these jackets are made of fabrics like 100% polyester and are also warm in accordance with the weather conditions.

6. Tennis Shoes

Tennis shoes or white sneakers from brands like Nike, and Adidas are one of the most important components of your tennis outfit (besides the tennis racket). They will have a great impact on your performance at the tennis court. Rather than choosing your normal sports shoes, get a pair of shoes that is specifically made for playing tennis.

The shoes should have a perfect fit so as to avoid any rubbing or blisters when you are being or changing directions while playing the game. Before choosing your stylish and aesthetic tennis shoes, you must recognize the type of foot. There are three types of foot namely pronated or low arch foot, neutral or neutral arch foot, and supinated or high arch foot. 

The pronated or the low arch foot is meant to provide a complete impression of the foot on the ground. On the other hand, a supinated foot leaves quite a large area on the ground. In the end, as the name suggests, the neutral foot leaves moderate space in your Arch area,

7. Socks

Tennis players also focus on the type of socks they wear to protect their feet from the sudden movements of the game. If you want to protect your feet, then you can wear cushioned socks with extra cushion in the heel and forefoot area. The best material for socks to choose for tennis is synthetics because they prevent soreness and release sweat.

Avoid choosing socks made from cotton because cotton can cause soreness and blisters since it does not keep your feet dry.

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8. Bottoms

Bottom wear for men while playing tennis typically includes shorts of different lengths according to the preference of the individual. Most tennis courts and clubs do not permit the tennis players to wear any type of long pants. So while you choose the perfect short for your session make sure it helps you to store the balls.

As far as bottom wear for women is concerned, there are quite a few options. The type of bottom wear females wear depends on what they have to pair it with. If you are wearing a shirt or a tank top then you can pair it up with tennis shorts. But if you are wearing a tennis dress, then you will have to pair it up with compression shorts underneath.

There has been controversy regarding wearing leggings at tennis tournaments. It was the primary choice for women at the 2020 French Open. During this tournament, the leggings were typically paired with skorts.

9. Wristband

Though not a part of your tennis apparel. wristbands are a type of essential tennis accessory to pair with your outfit. Wearing a wristband in your arm helps you to hold the racket and support it against any shock that results from making contact with the ball.

A type of wristband known as a sweatband can even be worn on your forehead to wipe off sweat and prevent your arms from getting moist. Generally, this type of sweatband is made from a terrycloth fabric.


Thus, this is all you need to know about the different types of tennis outfits for men as well as women. Before choosing an outfit, make sure it is designed with some additional benefits to cope with the demanding physical activity needed in this sport. 

Make sure your outfit is made from breathable and comfortable fabrics that help you to perform the desired sudden movements. The last tip to remember is that any tennis outfit should not hinder your efficiency while playing the sport.

Good luck!


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