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Best Tennis Strategy: Tennis Singles Tips and Tactics

basic tennis strategy


Whether you are an aspiring tennis player or an experienced one looking to step your game on next level, you need to master some tennis strategies and tactics. If you play tennis for fun or is preparing for competition, having sufficient knowledge of basic fundamental tips and tricks can make a great difference. 

These strategies include learning to force your opponent to make mistakes to take advantage of free points. These can offer you an edge to come and stay at the top. If you wish to win more matches and improve your game, it's important to make yourself comfortable with the best tennis strategy. 

Best Tennis Strategy: Singles and Doubles Tips and Tactics

1. Consistency

The other name for tennis game is consistency. If your goal is to be successful on court, you need to stay focused and put in constant effort. Tennis is a high-pressure sport and even a little bit of hesitation can lead you from victory to defeat. Be it serving, returning or rallying, consistent technique is the key. Their is no discrimination by the ball, you'll get what you will put into it.

You shall remain ready and sure in your tennis strokes if facing tough competition. Find the rhythm and stay put at it and no one can stop you from becoming a champion. Put hard work with practice and consistency will follow. With a well-honed strategy under your belt, your opponents won't know what hit the ball!

2. Control Space

Intimidation by your opponent is a common stress that players face. Feel the tension mount but don't let that intimidate you and lose your confidence. The most beautiful aspect of tennis is its simple rules but the strategies that make you win it are complex and nuanced. The art of controlling space is how much space you occupy on the court, where you are in relation to your opponent, also when to move in and strike.

You need to take care of all these aspect while controlling space. This fluid move requires thorough knowledge of tennis footwork and body positioning which allows you to calculate each of step of your attack. Through careful study and practice, you'll be able to place your shots with pinpoint accuracy, outmanoeuvre your opponents, and command the court like a master tactician. 

best tennis tactics

3. Control Time

The key to win any tennis match is controlling time with strategy and smart play. The secret to this strategy lies not in playing your opponent but playing the court using angles, shots and spin to direct the ball deep into their half of the courts and as far away as possible from yours. You must stay a step ahead in contemplating your opponent's moves using feints as well as changes of direction to make them off balance. This adds up in certain seconds or minutes for your advantage. 

Practice and using clever technique are essential when it comes to control time on the court. When playing for the win you shall master the fundamental first, learn to return serves and execute good volleys and crosscourt shots. It will help expand your arsenal of tools available. When you can control time, you'll become a skilled competitor with the ability to think ahead, read your opponent's tactics, and find unexpected openings. Put yourself in command with Control Time: Tennis Strategy.

4. Use Your Strengths

Using your strengths is an ultimate step you could take you improve your game. You could be physically fit but your mental strength is what that will set you apart from your opponent. If you are fast, you can try shortening the rallies and attack the weak side. If you are good at serve, make it your best shot by playing it in the area your opponent least expect it. If the strong suit is footwork, use it to move quickly around the tennis court and close off the angles for your competitors. 

The smartest strategy is using your own strengths. No matter how much talent you have, if you don't know how to use it, you won't get anywhere. Take your time to analyze your own skills and use it to excel on the court to outplay your opponents. With the right approach, you can reach new heights in your game, taking control of each rally and eventually walking away with a well-earned victory.

5. Focus On Your Opponent's Weaknesses

You shall know your opponents better than anyone else. A profound understanding of their weakness is what you shall have to use them to your advantage. You should play to their strengths and exploit their flaws and you'll dominate any court. The player can focus on the opponent's weakness by apprehending the mistakes they make, contemplating the short they could play and being prepared to strike in response.

Use your speed, agility and power to take them off guard and put them on the defensive. You can use the tactic to make the opponent come out of their comfort zone, gain control of the match and stay a step ahead. Mastering the art of mental warfare makes you ace at tennis. So focus on your opponent's weaknesses and get back in the game!

6. Play Aggressively to Attack The Net

If you wish to dominate the net, you shall ditch the basic grinding and get ready to attack. With attack, it means aggressive serves, forceful groundstrokes and lightning-quick reflexes. Charge that net like a raging bull seeing red. Speed up your feet and apprehend anything the player at the other side throws at you. Play razor-sharp volleys and make them quake at their place. If you any sense any slightest shortcoming, move in and deliver the knockout punch.  

Believe in yourself and visualize the victory with each point being yours. Play each ball like you own the game. You may, in between this, face any situation where you have to scamper back to retrieve a lob now and then. 

tennis singles strategy

Why the Right Tennis Strategies Will Help You Win More Matches?

Everyone is aware with the satisfaction that comes along with winning a tennis match. You’ve put in the hard work and honed your tennis skills, and now you can reap and gain rewards of all your effort. 

Strategies and tactics is as important as your talent. Talent without strategies is of no use.

Let's say serve, to know when and where to play your serve will help outsmart your opponent. Mix up your serve placement and don't let them get settled into a rhythm. This will make your opponent be off balance and you will have an edge each time you receive the ball from the other side.

When we talk about returning a serve, take control and be aggressive. If you are able to judge the direction of the serve, set up in front of it before it touches down, it will close off their options and you will get the edge. Mastering the tactics makes it worth it, you will more matches. 


The aspect to comprehend tennis strategies and develop a solid game plan is essential to ace at your game. Working with a professional i.e a tennis coach can help you identify areas for improvement and make a personalized game plan. Getting to know tips and tactics for playing on each side of the court as well as having a strong singles tennis strategy tips can make an ultimate difference in ways to play a match. Making your opponent uncomfortable and forcing them to make mistakes will increase your chances of winning. 

Using a tennis practice wall can be a great solution to help improve your tennis game by focusing on various shots. In all, understanding tennis tactics and strategies will make significant improvements for all the tennis players. 



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