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Hitting a Forehand in Tennis: Tips & Techniques for Forehand

how to get more topspin on forehand


Forehand is a great shot for many tennis players which has the power of dictating the game's pace. Hitting a good forehand in tennis require a lot more than just power. 

In this article, you'll know tips and techniques that will help you improve your forehand and take your game to the next level.

What Is a Tennis Forehand? Learn Hitting a Forehand in Tennis

Understanding the Basics of a Forehand

Forehand is a shot in tennis played using the hitting hand. It is a move that is hit across the body from the back of the tennis court towards the net. It is the most powerful shot in a tennis player's arsenal. It is the shot used to hit and set up a point. 

How to Get in Position for a Forehand Shot?

Getting in the right position to take the shot is one of the key aspects of hitting a great shot. The best way is to move your feet quickly and get to the ball as soon as possible. As you get close to the ball, you shall take care that you are on your toes and is facing towards the net. 

Mastering the Forehand Grip

The forehand grip is a crucial aspect when dealing with a good forehand in tennis. There are 3 main types of grips in forehand: 

  • Eastern Grip: This is the most common grip and is mostly adapted by the beginner and intermediate players. 

  • Semi-Western Grip: This is a little more advanced grip. It is used by more experienced players.

  • Western Grip: It is the most extreme grip. This is preferred by player who love hitting topspin.

how to hit a good forehand in tennis

Forehand Technique Tips for Better Performance

How to Improve Your Forehand Swing?

You shall have a solid swing path for a good tennis forehand shot. To achieve this, you should start with your tennis racket low and swing it up towards the ball. This path created is called the low-to-high swing path. The wrist shall be kept firm throughout the shot to follow through your target. 

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Hitting a Forehand

  1. Poor Footwork: An imbalance could be created if you fail to move your feet correctly. It can lead to poor shot mechanics. 

  2. Grip: Mistimed shots can happen if you fail to hold the tennis racket in a proper way

  3. Bad Body Position: Leaning too far forward or back may lead to inconsistent shots.

  4. Over- Swinging: There could be a loss of control and precision when you try to hit the ball too hard. 

  5. Inadequate Follow-Through: Not following through after hitting the ball reduces the shot power and accuracy. 

  6. Misjudging the Ball: If you fail to correctly assess the speed, spin and bounce of the ball may lead to mistimed shots. 

  7. Poor Timing: Hitting the tennis ball too late or too early may lead to poor shot mechanics and miss-hit balls.  

Tennis players can improve their forehands and can become more consistent as well as effective on the court by avoiding these mistakes.

Topspin Forehand: How to Generate More Spin on Your Shots?

The topspin forehand is a shot that has a lot of spins which can make it difficult for your opponent to handle. The ball should be hit with a brushing motion to generate more topspin on your forehand. This means that the tennis racket strings should be moving from low to high as you strike the ball.

Forehand Drills to Practice and Perfect Your Shot

1. Better Control and Accuracy

The forehand groundstroke drill is an amazing way to improve control and accuracy. You can start by standing at the baseline and hitting forehands back and forth with a partner. The focus shall be on keeping the ball low and hitting it at a good pace. 

2. Improved Movement and Speed on the Court

Footwork is important in tennis and the forehand footwork drill is an amazing way to enhance your movement and speed on the court. You shall start by standing at the baseline and moving side to side as your partner hits your forehands.The focus should be on getting in the correct position to hit the ball and also moving quickly towards the ball.

3. Partner Drill for Hitting Crosscourt and Down-the-Line Forehands

You can opt of partner drill to practice hitting both crosscourt and down-the-line forehands. Stand on the opposite sides of the net and then hit forehands back and forth. The focus should be to hit the ball with great pace and accuracy. 

how to play forehand in tennis

The Right Forehand Grip for Your Game

Eastern Forehand Grip: When to Use It and How to Master It?

The most common grip in tennis is the eastern forehand grip, used mostly by beginner and intermediate players. This provides good combination of power and spin. It is also easy to learn. 

For eastern grip, you shall lay your dominant hand and the palm should face up. Make sure to close your hand around the grip. This way you have got the eastern grip for your forehand. One thing you shall take care is that your palm should be at the side of the grip i.e strings facing to the side. 

Semi-Western Grip: The Middle Ground for Forehand Shots

A little more advanced than Eastern grip is the Semi-Western grip which is used by more experienced players. This is great, if you want to hit topspin shots as it provides excellent power and spin. 

Also, this is the best form of grip when you desire for more spin compared to the eastern grip. 

Western Forehand Grip: Ideal for Players Who Love Topspin Shots

The player should be an experienced one to use this form of grip. It provides the most spin compared to any of the grips in tennis. You shall hold the tennis racket at its neck with the strings facing down. Make sure to grip the side of the racket. When you make contact with the ball, your hand will be under the racket, palm facing up. 

Forehand Fundamentals Every Tennis Player Should Know

How to Hit Forehands from Different Positions on the Court?

To be a great tennis player, you need to have the skill to hit forehands from various positions on the court. Whether you’re hitting a forehand from the baseline or from the net, the technique is the same.

You need to start with your racket low and swing it up towards the tennis ball, creating a solid swing path. 

Forehand Stance: Getting Your Feet in the Right Place

Forehand stance is an important aspect for hitting a good forehand for your game. Your feet shall be in the right place so it can generate as much power as possible. Front foot shall point towards the net and the back foot shall be perpendicular to the baseline. 

Forehand Stroke Path: The Most Efficient Way to Hit the Ball

Power on forehand can be generated with forehand stroke path which is very efficient. The ball shall be hit in front of your body and should be followed through towards your target. You can now identify the fundamentals of hitting a forehand in tennis.  Go out on the court and improve your tennis game. The focus should be on tennis footwork, grip and swing path. You will be a pro in no time. 

tennis forehand games


Forehand is one of the most important shots in tennis and can make or break your game. Consistent practice is the key of mastering any shot in tennis. One of the essential aspects is forehand drill for which you shall thank your coaches. 

Swinging across your body, it will allow you to hit the ball at a perfect angle. Whether you prefer hitting flat or with topspin, the semi-western forehand grip is your ticket to a good forehand. So, go ahead and take a tennis lesson to practice the forehand until you are able to hit one even with closed eyes. 

Good Luck!


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