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Benefits of Tennis Lessons in Indoor Tennis Courts in Singapore

indoor court tennis


Many times, as a sports player, you may have seen how the forces of nature govern your activities. During the summer, the scorching sun can make you sweaty and refrain you from playing any sport. On the other hand, in the winter, the same sun will go away soon preventing you from playing in the natural light.

The same goes for tennis. It is a very popular sport that is played year-round by sports enthusiasts. However, the best thing about this sport is that it can be played indoors as well as outdoors. Sports player may love playing tennis outdoors when the weather starts getting warm up. But you do not need to pull away your tennis racket once the weather gets cold.

The weather as well as the surface of the ground where you play tennis is very important. So let's know how an Indoor tennis courts in Singapore can provide you benefits over an outdoor tennis court.

Benefits of Tennis Lessons Indoor Tennis Courts in Singapore

1. Beat Natural Weather Conditions

Playing on an outdoor tennis requires you to not just beat your opponent, but also beat the various forces of nature. Different natural conditions like rain or heavy wind can severely affect your performance. Clearly, rain can stop your game because wet courts can lead to slippery conditions and different injuries as well. Also when the tennis ball becomes wet it is not useful for the game.

The direction where the wind is blowing can also give you an advantage or disadvantage. So with all such conditions, you have to adapt to play with the environmental conditions. However, in the case of indoor tennis courts, you do not have to worry about these situations.

2. Good for People with Weak Joints for Comfort

Tennis players with weaker joints can have the biggest advantage while playing tennis indoors. The carpet field used in the indoor tennis courts will not impact your muscles drastically as compared to the hard surface outside. Additionally, you can play faster indoors with guidance from tennis coaches in Singapore.

3. You Do Not Lose Balls on an Indoor Court

While playing outdoors there are no boundaries and hence just a single robust swing can throw your ball into thin air. But this is not the case in indoor tennis courts. With boundaries in the form of walls, you do not have to worry about losing your tennis balls. You will be going back home with the same amount of balls you brought in. But if you are playing outdoors, then don't forget to get as many balls as you can.

indoor courts

4. Guarantee of Convenient Humidity & Climate Consistency 

Conditions of high humidity like in hot summers make it very difficult to play tennis. Due to the high humidity, your hands as well as the tennis ball can get sweaty and reduce your performance efficiency.

The solution to this is playing on indoor tennis courts which have low humidity. These tennis courts are generally climate-controlled and hence you do not need to worry about hot conditions or sweat while playing in them.

Apart from this, outdoor tennis courts also have the disadvantage of proper lighting during the evening.  This disadvantage is also removed in indoor tennis courts where you can play anytime with proper lighting. You should preferably choose an indoor tennis court whose roof is covered with translucent PVC fabric that can even protect you from extreme weather conditions.

5. Provide Long Playing Hours for the best tennis sessions

Since indoor tennis courts provide you the flexibility of control over a variety of factors, they can extend your playing hours. You have control over the lighting conditions, the climate as well as the availability of the court. Thus, this can help you to indulge in your favorite sport even after sunset, in hot humid conditions, or when you have a scheduled appointment on the court. 

6. Scheduling and Availability of Courts at Designated Times

As a tennis enthusiast, it may have happened multiple times that you went to an outdoor tennis court just to find out it was occupied.  This can be really frustrating. However indoor tennis courts generally operate on a scheduled basis. So, you have to book a reservation in the court prior only.

Due to the same reason, you know when the court will be available and hence there are no situations when you will have to go back without playing tennis. Moreover, you will not have to waste your time waiting for the courts to open up.

Generally, indoor tennis courts can provide you with an option to schedule your permanent court time. This allows you to get access to the court at a particular time during all days of the week.

7. Cleanliness and Facility Upkeep

Indoor tennis courts have more cleanliness and are well professionally maintained when compared to outdoor tennis courts. Be it the surfaces of the courts or their nets, they are all cleaned regularly to foster good playing conditions for the players. But at the same time, outdoor courts are exposed to the elements of nature very frequently. Moreover, the surfaces of these courts are cracked or unlevelled and hence they can foster inconsistent playing conditions for the players.

8. Gathering Place to Meet Other Players

Tennis is not an individual-playing game. it is a social sport as you need people to play tennis with. An indoor tennis court can also prove to be a good gathering place to meet other players and learn from their experiences.

An outdoor Tennis Court has just one field which has a few tennis players playing in it. Now when compared to an indoor facility this is much less. At an indoor tennis court, you can find 6, 8, or even 10 courts. This increases your chances of running into many players. You can socialise with them and find out about their mutual interests. Or, you can also play against more opponents in an indoor tennis court thus improving your playing skills.

9. Faster Speed

Indoor tennis is famous because it is much faster when compared to outdoor tennis. The major aspect of faster speed in Indoor tennis is because of its artificial surface and lack of wind. Both these features reduce the risk of the ball bouncing back and hence can help you play more effectively. Due to the same reason, your gaming strategy and ball stroke can be effectively enhanced while playing indoors.

indoor tennis

Key Features of Indoor Tennis Courts

Here are some of the key features of indoor tennis courts that make them stand apart from outdoor tennis courts.

1. Proper Lighting  

Advanced lighting systems in indoor tennis courts mimic natural sunlight to enhance optimal visibility. Besides helping to enhance your playing skills, this lighting system can even reduce shadows and contribute to safety while playing tennis.

2. Suitable Surface Materials in the shelter

The type of court surface in indoor courts can even make a significant impact on your performance efficiency while playing tennis. Some good types of tennis court surfaces include interlocking modular tiles or cushioned acrylic. Such surfaces are known for their comfort, durability as well as impact absorption skills that can help you minimize any risk of injuries.

3. Climate Control Systems

Indoor tennis courts also often have the facilities of climate control systems. These systems help to regulate the temperature of the court regardless of the external weather conditions. In case of extreme weather, the climate inside the tennis courts is regulated with proper ventilation and insulation. This helps in the maximum efficiency of the performance by the players and also improves the environment for the spectators.


Thus, these were all the benefits of an Indoor tennis court over outdoor tennis courts. If you want the maximum amount of flexibility so that you can play tennis whenever you want, then indoor tennis courts can be your best bet. However, before choosing an indoor tennis court, make sure to pay heed to different factors like the availability times, type of flooring etc.


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