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Rules of Tennis Sport: Guide to Scoring System and Point System

tennis racket and ball


Tennis is a popular sport played all around the world, and understanding the rules is essential for any tennis player. In a tennis match, the ultimate goal is to win the game by scoring points. To win a point, a player must earn consecutive points and the ball then must be returned over the net.

The game of tennis is made up of sets, with specific rules for serving, hitting the net, and scoring. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game of tennis, it is crucial to understand the rules in order to play tennis effectively and enjoy the game.

General Rules of Tennis

Here are the key rules of tennis stated clearly and concisely:

  • Grab attention with a snappy fact—racquetball is one of the fastest sports around, with pros smashing serves up to 172 mph! 

  • To keep rallies going, shots must land inside tennis court boundaries. Let the tennis ball bounce before returning serves- No carrying or catching balls with racquets. Wait for balls to cross the net before striking.

  • Fouls endpoint: remember, No touching the net- No double hits- No reaching over to the opponent's side

So grip your racquet firmly, lace up your tennis shoes, and prepare for action-packed fun! Just mind those lines and let the games begin.

Official Tennis Rules

Here are some official rules of tennis:

  • First up, the court. It's a rectangle, 78 feet long and 27 feet wide. The net hangs in the middle, splitting it into two neat halves. Don't even think about stepping over to your opponent's side! 

  • Are you ready to rally? Better grab your racquet and some neon green balls. Start by tossing the ball up and smacking a serve diagonally into the service box. But don't even try foot faulting! Keep those puppies behind the baseline when you serve. 

  • As you smash returns back and forth, aim away from the sidelines. Shots inside those white lines are definitely in. If you nail one that skims the tape but still drops in? We call that let and you get to replay the point! 

Tennis Scoring System

Tennis uses a scoring system based on points, games, and sets. Here's a breakdown of the scoring system in tennis:


  • A tennis match begins with a player serving the ball. The server's score is always announced first.

  • The points are counted as follows:

  • 0 points: Love

  • 1 point: 15

  • 2 points: 30

  • 3 points: 40

  • When a player scores their first point, the score is called "15" (pronounced as "fifteen"). The second point is called "30", and the third point is called "40". If a player scores a fourth point, they win the game.


  • If both players or teams have a score of 40 (40-40), it's called "deuce."

  • From deuce, a player must win two consecutive points to win the game.

tennis point rules


  • After deuce, if a player scores a point, they are said to have the "advantage." The score is announced as "Advantage [player's name]."

  • If the player with the advantage wins the next point, they win the game. If they lose the point, the score returns to deuce.


  • A set is made up of games, and a player must win at least six games to win a set.

  • If the set is tied at 6-6, a tiebreaker may be played to determine the winner of the set.


  • A match is usually the best of three sets for women's matches and the best of five sets for men's matches in Grand Slam tournaments and some other events.

  • The first player or team to win the required number of sets wins the match.

It's important to note that there are variations of the scoring system in different formats of tennis, such as doubles and tiebreakers.

Additionally, not all tennis matches use the same scoring system; for example, some variations exist in tiebreak rules and the number of sets required to win a match.

Singles Vs. Doubles Tennis Rules

Listen up, tennis fans! If you wanna serve up some serious fun on the court, you gotta know the difference between singles and doubles play. 

In singles, it's just you against an opponent, baby. No teammates, no drama. Just two players trying to out-ace, out-volley, and out-hustle each other in an epic battle of skill and endurance. The court seems bigger somehow and every shot in tennis counts. You live and die by your own racket out there. 

But doubles? Oh, that's a whole new ball game! You and your partner on one side of the net are all synchronized and graceful, connecting crosses and drop shots like telepathic twins. And those two opponents on the other side trying to smash your winning streak.

The energy is infectious! You cheer each other's epic saves and hi-five over a sweet lob. With four players covering the court, the pace is faster and the strategies go next level. Every point is more intense 'cause you gotta have your teammate's back!

tennis rules and scoring

Singles Tennis Rules

Listen up, you solo tennis dynamos! If you want to be the top seed on the courts, you better know the rules of the singles match inside and out. 

First things first: it's just you and one opponent, baby. There are no teammates to bail you out here. Bring your A-game or get ready to eat some bagels. Serve it up hot and ace it past your rival. Force them to scramble across the baseline as you charge the net. Get fancy with some wicked topspin or slice it low for a sneaky winner. 

You better keep those eyes peeled because all shots are fair game across the whole court in singles. So motor those legs and sprint after everything - no resting on defense here! As for scoring, it's simple: first to win two sets by taking at least 6 games wins the match. If you split sets, a decisive 3rd set tiebreaker will settle the dual once and for all. 

Doubles Tennis Rules 

Game, set, match, friends! Grab a partner and let's volley into the wonderful world of doubles match. This social yet strategic game adds pizzazz with teamwork - it'll be love at first sight! 

First, court chemistry is key, so choose a compatible teammate. Complement each other's tennis strokes and personalities, and've already aced half the battle! 

You'll sinisterly strategize where to aim shots to target opponents' weaknesses. Which player seems less agile? Who has an iffy backhand? Time to get cunning! Just stay positive with your partner if things get hairy, that's parlays for sure. 

When serving, the team members take turns from right to left. Return those zippy serves with zeal! Communication is crucial too - call out "Mine!" if you’re the best positioned. High-five your partner after winning long rallies. Have fun between points!


In conclusion, the rules of tennis are essential to understand for both casual and professional tennis players. The game is won when a player wins at least four points and is ahead by at least two points. A player or doubles team is given two opportunities to serve the ball in each game with the use of a tennis racket.

The ultimate goal is to win enough points to win a game, and ultimately win the tennis game. These rules are integral to the game of tennis, and understanding them is crucial for anyone looking to play the game competitively.


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