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Best Tennis Courts in Singapore

Updated: Sep 10


Singapore is a great place to play tennis, and there are many options available for anyone looking to find the right and best tennis court. One option is to book a public tennis centre, which can provide everything from indoor courts to 2 practice walls. Another option is to look for a venue that offers tournaments and other organised events, such as a rooftop court.

For those who want to combine tennis with swimming or other fitness activities, there are tennis centres near swimming pools or with a programme for youth. No matter what your preferences are, it's important to choose a well-maintained court that is comfortable and safe for playing tennis. With so many options available, it may become challenging to find the best public tennis courts. So, this article will help you to find the best public tennis centre in Singapore.

Best Tennis Court in Singapore

If you're a tennis enthusiast looking for the best court in Singapore, then Pop Tennis is the answer! With its top-notch facilities and globally renowned coaching staff, Pop Tennis offers an unbeatable experience that will satisfy any player's needs.

Pop Tennis was founded in 2020 out of a strong passion for education, a common vision to make learning more accessible and the dedication to making the learning process easier. Since then, it has had the chance to aid numerous students in improving their foundational skills, honing their new talents, and gaining self-assurance in progressing through their educational journey.

Pop Tennis is committed to allowing everyone to play and learn tennis, no matter their background. With a focus on long-term player development, Pop Tennis has created a supportive family-like atmosphere where players can challenge themselves daily as they strive to reach their full potential in the sport.

Pop Tennis is the premier tennis school for kids in Singapore. It has a range of programs to suit children of all ages and capabilities, allowing them to learn the sport in a safe and supportive environment.

Let's have a glance at the different programs provided by this best tennis court in Singapore.

Programs Provided by The POPTennis

Kids Programs

Pop Tennis offers fun and educational kids' tennis programs for children of all ages. With 4 students to 1 coach, children will receive individualized attention in a group setting and learn the basics of tennis. Through this program, kids can gain valuable skills and knowledge that can help them become competitive players.

Private Lessons

Pop Tennis offers private tennis lessons to players of all levels. Whether you're just starting out, have some experience or are an elite player, there's a lesson for you! Private lessons provide personalized instruction on technical skills, tactics, physical conditioning, and the mental game. To accelerate your learning, sessions are available in 30, 45 and 60-minute lengths.

Semi-Private Lessons

Do you want to play tennis with someone close to you? Then a semi-private lesson from Pop Tennis is perfect for you! You can either choose to play with your friend, partner, or family member, or they can pair you up with another player at the same skill level.

Group Lessons

Playing in a group with other players is beneficial for your tennis game. Pop Tennis lets groups of 4 people join lessons together, giving each player a chance to benefit from specialized instructions tailored to their age and skill level. They provide customized equipment such as balls, rackets, court size, and net height to ensure everyone gets the best experience.

Advantages of The Best Tennis Academy in Singapore

1. On-Time Service

At this Best Tennis Court in Singapore, clients can always enjoy on-time service as punctuality is highly respected by the company. This ensures that customers get to use the facilities without delay or inconvenience.

2. Extensive Experience

The Pop Tennis Academy boasts a wealth of experience in tennis coaching. Their coaches have taken the extra step to expand their skillset and specialize in areas like sports psychology, physical preparation, and injury prevention. These additional areas of expertise help players reach their highest potential on the court.

3. Satisfaction Guaranteed

The best tennis court in Singapore offers many advantages to its customers. They provide experienced and certified coaches, some of whom are former ATP and WTA players. So, the customers can be sure that their satisfaction is guaranteed.

4. Carefully Planned Lessons

Pop Tennis Academy provides carefully planned lessons to help students learn in a fun and safe environment. By joining the academy, students can benefit from a well-structured tennis training plan tailored to their individual needs and objectives.


Thus, you may search for the best tennis court in Singapore in the form of a well-maintained and spacious tennis facility right next to a peaceful neighbourhood. The court should be conveniently located nearby and equipped with grass, making it Singapore's ideal recreational spot to integrate with the game of tennis completely and enjoyably. Therefore, such a tennis court meets all the criteria to be regarded as the best recreational facility for tennis enthusiasts in the region.

Good Luck!

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