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How to Choose a Tennis Racket Grip Size for Your Kid?

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Choosing the perfect grip size for your child's tennis racquet is essential in helping them develop their skills and avoid injuries. As young players grow and mature, it's important that they are equipped with the correct grip size to ensure maximum comfort, control, and stability. Tennis racquets typically come in different grip sizes. 

To determine the best tennis racquet grip size, measure your child's hand size and consult the grip size range chart to find the perfect size for them. A larger grip might be needed for bigger hands, while go with the smaller size for smaller hands. 

Purchasing the correct grip size for your tennis is vital for your child's progress, and parents should pay attention to the ideal grip size when buying a tennis racquet for their kids. By using the right grip size of tennis, your child can experience the perfect comfort, and control, leading to a more enjoyable and productive tennis experience.

Ways to Measure the Correct Grip Size

Choosing the right tennis racquet, with appropriate head size, for your child is essential to ensure they have a fun and safe time on the court. tennis court. It's important to select a racquet of an appropriate size: not too big or heavy, considering that it requires more muscle strength, and not too small. The use of an overgrip can also help adjust the grip size. For beginners, it's best to go with a pre-strung racquet and make sure it can handle some wear and tear. That way, you’ll be sure your child gets the most out of their tennis experience.

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Guide to Different Grip Sizes of Racket for Children

Choosing the right tennis racquet and grip size for your child is essential. To choose the right grip size, the following figures can be used as a guide. Generally, it is recommended that you measure your tennis grip size and the racquet length should not reach down to the ground when held by your child's side.

Kids who are four years old or younger with a height of 40 inches or shorter should use a new tennis racquet that is 19 inches long. For kids aged 4-5, a racquet 21 inches in length is best for their height range of 40-44 inches. When kids reach ages 6-8, a racquet 25 inches long is recommended as they grow from 45-49 inches tall. 

If your child is 9-10 years of age, they should aim at choosing a tennis racquet that is 26 inches long, which is best suited for their height range of 50-55 inches. For kids 10 years or older with a height of 55 inches or taller, the optimal choice is a 26-inch racquet.

Measure Your Grip Size

When it comes to choosing the right tennis racquet for a child, length is key! Tennis racquets specially designed for kids come in different lengths. While these measurements can help you find the perfect fit, some other factors should also be taken into consideration before making a purchase.

To check if a racquet is the right size for your child, have them stand tall and place the head of the racquet on the ground. Then tell them to put the palm of their hand on the handle like they would hold a cane. If their arm is comfortably extended down to the butt cap, then you've found the right size you need.

Material for Your Tennis Racquet

Racquets come in different sizes and materials. Smaller racquets, from 17-19 inches, are typically made from aluminium. This makes them strong and ideal for shocks. Between 21-25 inches, you can find racquets that are a combination of aluminium and graphite, making them more powerful. However, since graphite is more fragile, it can be easily broken if shocked.


When it comes to selecting a racquet for tennis training, the weight is not usually a factor as most racquets of different sizes only vary by about 5 grams. However, if the child is twelve or older and has advanced levels of play, then it's important to choose a lighter racquet that weighs between 230 and 260 grams. This will help prevent any potential injuries. Additionally, you can add lead tape to the racquet to increase its weight and make changes to its balance.

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Buying a Tennis Racquet with Perfect Tennis grip size

Thus, it is crucial for junior tennis players to find the right size of the grip. It can be argued that a smaller grip size is always better for kids. However, it's important to note that the right grip size for a child depends on his or her hand size and playing style. To measure your grip accurately, measure to the tip of your ring finger on the bottom bevel of the racquet handle. If the grip is too small, it can contribute to tennis elbow problems and a lack of control over the racquet.

On the other hand, if the grip is too big, it can result in decreased wrist movement and a lack of power. Therefore, it's important to find a grip size that is comfortable and provides adequate control and power. The Eastern forehand grip is also beneficial to learn for children as it is easy to handle with a smaller grip size. Remember to always measure grip size and increase the size gradually as a child grows.

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