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Get to Know Female Tennis Coach Singapore at POPTennis

female tennis coach


If you are someone living in Singapore and are looking forward to joining a tennis academy, Pop Tennis is here at your service. If you are a woman looking for female tennis players or a female tennis coach in Singapore, this might be the best experience you are about to unfold.

A good female coach helps you feel at ease and boosts your motivation to better your game with her skills and encouragement. We respect your preference and bring our best female coaches to guide you. They are not only someone with experience in top tennis games but also someone with a history of compassion and dedicated coaching experience. 

Pop Tennis

Incorporated in 2020, Pop Tennis is one of the best tennis schools specializing in teaching kids in the Singapore region. This academy was founded with a strong desire and an unending commitment to make learning and developing tennis skills accessible. 

Since 2020, they have helped countless students develop foundational skills, learn new techniques, and become confident in their learning journey. 

Their mission is to provide an opportunity for everyone to play and discover the game of tennis. They willingly provide ample long-term engagements to those players who work hard to unleash their full potential and step into the competitive world of tennis professionally.

The Top Female Tennis Coaches Singapore at Pop Tennis

If you are a beginner in this tennis journey and want to play tennis under a qualified female coach, look no further. Our coaches at Pop Tennis ensure that you, as a beginner, have a strong understanding of the fundamentals and know about the diverse aspects of tennis. They are laser-focused on developing your essential skills and improving your game strategy. 

1. Anais Gomar

Anais Gomar

Anais Gomar is one of our leading tennis coaches who is passionate about the sport has an unwavering spirit, a strong dedication and a focus on helping you develop a high level of skills. Anais has a rich background in coaching and the development of a player. She's been certified by prestigious associations for her coaching style and has excelled in several international coaching roles. Her coaching experience includes coaching at the renowned Justine Henin Academy. 

Besides tennis, Anais also holds a degree of Master's in Marketing. Hence, she stands proud as an ode to the holistic development of an athlete. She is fluent in Catalan, Spanish and English. 

Anais continues to shape the tennis landscape by serving as Pop Tennis, Singapore's founder and head coach. 

2. Kateryna Polunina


With a wealth of experience and expertise, Kateryna Polunina is a seasoned tennis coach who proudly holds a degree in Physical Culture, Sport, and Tourism from the Russian State University, Moscow. Kateryna has a robust tennis career since she coached at the Sports School of Children and Youth and coached the National Junior Team U14 for the Ukrainian Tennis Federation. Her passion for the sport and skill levels make her the role model and inspiration of many of her students. 

She has also previously excelled as a senior female tennis coach at Shanghai ISD Tennis, which required her to contribute to junior program development. She ensures that she helps her students enhance their match play and elevate their tennis training expertise through regular encouragement and motivation.She is fluent in Russian and English and is continuing her coaching journey in Shanghai at the SEB Tennis Academy.  

3. Lema Ateba

female tennis coaches near me

One of the most dedicated female tennis coaches, Lema Ateba imparts comprehensive tennis skills to players of any age group and level. She has expertise in crafting tailored tennis lesson programs that ensure her students have an enjoyable learning experience under her guidance. 

She is an ex-semi-professional tennis player in international tennis and a member of the National Training Center at Roland Garros (CNE Centre National D' Entraînement).

She has also played ITF tournaments at both junior and senior levels in France and Abroad. She has record victories against players ranked between 300-1000 in the world, and has also represented the French Team during the European and World Tennis Cup under 13 and under 15. 

Lema is a pro at fostering relationships with clients and possesses immediate adaptability for individual as well as team coaching. 


For a world-class tennis learning experience, it is essential to embark on this journey by enrolling under the guidance of a good trainer. Make sure to have enough communication with your coach or instructor. A good trainer has strong leadership skills and a technical understanding of the game. We recommend you visit any venues nearby and experience the conducive environment yourself. We encourage your participation and feedback here at Pop Tennis. 


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