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POP Tennis is delighted to announce new partnership  with Singapore Polytechnic Graduates Guild and from 1st January 2024 it is official to use Tennis Court 1 at SPGG.

Under this collaboration, we will offer all our regular programs. Best thing is that even the non-members can take benefit of the this partnership.

Singapore Polytechnic Graduates Guild.

The Singapore Polytechnic Graduates' Guild (SPGG) was set up in 1971 as the Guild for SP graduates but has since evolved to welcome graduates from other tertiary institutions as well as corporations.


Its well-equipped clubhouse offers a relaxed and friendly environment for business leaders, industry experts and young graduates alike to meet. SPGG members can enjoy its luxurious facilities, such as its seminar rooms, conference rooms and board rooms for meetings, and its study room for quieter moments. It also hosts numerous recreational events and impressive club facilities such as a 10-lane bowling alley should members wish to unwind.

If you have any questions regarding our schedule of coaching times, and dates, as well as skill level, please contact:

Phone: 81662042 | Email: 

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