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Timote Loew

Founder & Director

Timote Paul Loew, born on January 30, 1989, is a certified Tennis Performance Trainer and founder of POP Tennis Singapore. With a DEJEPS in Tennis and a background in International Business, Timote has coached internationally, including at Haidian Foreign Language School in China and Justine Henin Academy. Fluent in English, he focuses on developmental programs, mentorship, and contributing to tennis growth in various communities.

Anais Gomar

Founder & Director

Anais Gomar, a highly accomplished tennis coach, boasts a rich background in coaching and player development. Certified by prestigious associations, he has excelled in various international coaching roles, including at the renowned Justine Henin Academy. Anais combines tennis expertise with a Master's in Marketing, demonstrating a holistic approach to athlete growth. Fluent in Catalan, Spanish, and English, he continues to shape the tennis landscape, currently serving as the Founder & Head Coach of POP Tennis Singapore.

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Kateryna Polunina

Head Coach of the Junior Program

Kateryna Polunina, a seasoned tennis coach, holds a degree in Physical Culture, Sport & Tourism from the Russian State University. With a robust tennis career, she coached at the Sports School of Children and Youth and served as the Coach of the National Junior Team U14 for the Ukrainian Tennis Federation. Fluent in English and Russian, Kateryna excelled as a Senior Tennis Coach at Shanghai ISD Tennis, contributing to junior program development. Currently, she continues her coaching journey at SEB Tennis Academy in Shanghai.

Lema Ateba


Lema Ateba, a dedicated tennis coach, imparts comprehensive tennis skills to players of all ages and levels. With expertise in creating tailored lesson programs, he ensures enjoyable and developmental experiences. Lema excels in fostering relationships with clients and possesses adaptability for individual and team coaching.


Reuben Thyagarajan


Reuben Thyagarajan, a dedicated tennis coach, combines a passion for sports and extensive event management experience. With achievements in strategic planning and marketing for KRO Tennis, he also serves as a Partner and Business Director at Izumi Group. Reuben's multifaceted career includes roles as a WSQ Consultant and Director at Knowledge Link Training. Beyond tennis, he enjoys diverse interests like reading, cooking, and exploring new cultures.


Martin Senaj

Director of the Junior Program in the British Club.

Martin Senaj serves as the Director of the Junior Program at the British Club. With a focus on fostering young talent, he brings leadership and expertise to the development of junior players in the club's tennis program. Martin's commitment contributes to creating a vibrant and nurturing environment for aspiring tennis enthusiasts.

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Dedicated and passionate Tennis Coach with over 5 years experience nurturing player development and promoting love for the sport.  Have been regularly playing tennis for over 15 years now.  Always endeavors to build strong relationships with players and parents. Excited to share my experience and enthusiasm with kids and adults in hopes of making their tennis learning journey worthwhile. 

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