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Reuben Anand Thyagarajan

Professional Tennis Coach


(+65) 96873854


A Bit About Me

Passionate about health, nutrition, fitness and an active sportsman with a strong background in tennis, football, roller/ice hockey and floorball. I am also a keen sports fan and enthusiast across many sporting events and broadcasts.


Consultant for mega sporting/social events including Australian Open, Australian GP, Singapore GP, Youth Olympic Games


• Developed service and operational protocols for multiple sporting and social events


• Trained, led teams and managed operations for multiple sporting and social events


• Active tennis player, competitor and casual coach for the past 15 years


2016 – Present

Senior Tennis Coach: KRO Tennis

Involved in strategic planning for the academy

• Spearheading marketing initiatives for the academy

• Liaising with clients / coaches

• Overseeing general administration and financial management of the company

• Planning and scheduling of sessions

2015 – Present

Partner and Business Director: Izumi Group Pte Ltd

Innovate solutions for productivity enhancement in the food and beverage industry • Consultant to the Ministry of Manpower to plan, coordinate and manage catering supply solution for foreign workers during the pandemic lockdown 2 • Consultant to Shell PLC (Singapore)

2009 – Present

Owner and Director: Knowledge Link Training and Industry Consultant

WSQ Consultant

• Consultant Academic to Institutes of Higher Learning and Private Education Institutions

• Consultant to industry lead bodies and government agencies

• Planning, training and operations consultant for industry and events

o Youth Olympic Games

o The Singapore Grand Prix

o Various catering and food service events

• Acquisition and administration of government funding for various projects

1998 – 2002

Tennis Manager: Menzies College (LaTrobe University, Melbourne)

Developed a tennis program from ground up, incorporating training for beginners, intermediate and advanced players

• Recruited and orientated coaching staff

• Oversaw marketing and management initiatives for the program

• Scheduling of facilities, training sessions and personnel

• Planning and management of budgets and finance for the program

• Organizing tournaments, cross country tours and events

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