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How Junior Tennis Academies Offer the Best Tennis Lesson?

best junior tennis academy


Being a challenging yet rewarding sport, tennis provides a number of health benefits for people of all ages. It is an ‘all-body’ or ‘holistic’ sport because it targets all the major muscle groups of your body and hence can help to shape up your child.

There are a number of junior tennis academies meant to provide top-notch tennis lessons to young athletes according to their level of expertise and learning pace. Instead of getting your child enrolled in any general tennis academy, you must consider a junior tennis academy that is especially suitable for young children.

These tennis academies provide a number of benefits to the kids. So, let's get started!

Benefits of Tennis Programs & Tennis Lessons in Junior Tennis Academies Singapore

Sports is an important part of life whether it is played for fun or played as competitive tennis games. Junior tennis is an all-rounding sport that can help your child in not just the game but also day-to-day life. Junior tennis academy helps kids learn tennis from the base while providing them a number of benefits.

Lets have a look at these!

1. Tennis Academy Helps Learn Body Movement and Balance

Tennis training for kids help to increase their body movement and balance because tennis includes a wide range of body motions. In case your kid plays another sport, he or she can see an improvement in the tennis skills just after of few days in tennis training.

The multidirectional movements in tennis help to enhance the balance and coordination of the kids thus allowing them to stabilize their core. These sudden movements will also allow the kids to stabilize one body part while moving another and hence promote fast-twitch acceleration.

2. Tennis Coach Provide Comprehensive Training Programs

Junior tennis academies provide tennis lessons Singapore that help shape young athletes by providing them with comprehensive training classes which cover all aspects of the game. This training is provided to them in a specialized and systematic manner so they can develop a well-rounded skill set in tennis and enhance their overall performance and tennis experience.

These comprehensive training classes not only help the children learn tennis but also improve their tactical strategies, technical skills and physical conditioning.

3. Best tennis academy in Singapore provides professional Coaching

The key benefit of a junior tennis academy is that they provide professional tennis coaching because of the presence of qualified and experienced coaches. These tennis coaches have a deep understanding of the tennis technique and are qualified to teach different students with different levels of expertise. They provide personalized training to these young tennis players by assessing their fitness level, strengths and weaknesses and recommending providing constructive feedback.

Training plans tailored to your kids’ needs can significantly help to accelerate their progress. Moreover what is best is that the junior tennis academies help to focus on each child instead of providing generalized training.

4. Tennis Classes Improve Strength & Physical Development

Since tennis is a weight-bearing sport, it allows the kids to make sudden movements and hence, improves their bones and muscles. This reduces any risk of osteoporosis in the kids for the future. As opposed to certain compression-related sports, tennis allows natural contraction and extension of the muscles and bones of the young ones. This helps in the elongation process of the body.

Moving ahead, when the kids constantly track the moving ball through movement patterns, it improves their hand-eye coordination and accelerates their reflexes, agility, and athleticism.

5. Group Tennis Lessons and Clubs Develop Social Skills

Students can develop effective communication skills and learn to socialize with others while playing tennis in doubles. When they pair up in teams, they learn the skills of accountability and develop the confidence to play with each other. The built-in social component of tennis translates to enjoyment for the kids. This encourages healthy sportsmanship and competition.

This sport can be ideal for kids who are stubborn or have difficulty meeting new people and learning social development. These introverts can come out of their shell and learn social development through teamwork. The kids can build relationships with their team members or even with their coaches.

However, in case young children do not want to socialize and need a less crowded atmosphere then different junior tennis academies can even provide games of singles.

best junior tennis programs

6. Elite Benefit of Tennis: Aerobic and Anaerobic Benefits

From tying your shoelaces? to holding the rackets and moving to the tennis court, tennis is all about movement. Be it running, stretching, stopping, or pivoting - all the movements are the foundation of this sport which leads to better overall health for the kids.

So if you always find your lazy kid on the bed and want to make him/her work, then what can be better than enrolling him/her in a junior tennis academy.

7. Group Tennis Lessons and Private Lessons Teach Persistence & Commitment

While learning tennis at the junior tennis academies, kids also learn different soft skills of persistence, commitment, and patience. These are extremely crucial and if learned, from a young age can help kids later on in life.

Tennis teaches kids the quality of persistence rather than telling them to keep on winning. Moreover when they create their goals and work towards reaching them, they learn about time management and commitment.

Thus, getting your kid enrolled in junior tennis academies can foster their mental and physical development. When children are involved in exercise from a young age, they will make it a habit for the future as well.

8. Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Different tennis shorts like the lobs, Drop shorts, or angled volleys help to refine the gross and fine motor skills of the kids. This results in improved coordination and can help in other activities like better writing or musical capacity.

9. Tennis Helps in Cardiovascular Health

Playing tennis increases the heartbeats of the children for a long time which can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Consistent playing of this sport can also help maintain their body weight and regulate their blood pressure levels.

10. Improve the Academic Performance of Kids

Different studies have shown how kids who play tennis have a better background in academics at school. This is irrespective of the age or level of education of the children. Due to the same reason a number of junior tennis academies have been developed which lends credibility and reliability to this sport.

11. Tennis Increases the Confidence Level of Kids

When kids learn effective sportsmanship and socializing skills, they develop confidence through their performance. This helps to boost their self-image so they can better achieve their goals. 

12. Strengthen the Immune System of Kids

Tennis helps to strengthen the kids physically as well as mentally and improve their immune system. With better immunity, they are physically stronger and can fight different health problems and diseases in a better way as compared to the kids who do not play any sport.

13. Develop Problem-Solving Skills Among the Children

When a kid plays tennis, he or she learns how to make strategies, focus, and implement these strategies into action-oriented results. This helps them develop effective problem-solving skills and increases their presence of mind.

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14. Non-Contact Sport

Many parents may not prefer their kids to play certain contact sports. Luckily tennis is a non-contact sport because it separates the kids from their opponents through a net. Though tennis is not free of injuries, it negates many of the potential injuries that can happen due to contact like the knee-on-knee contact in basketball or soccer. 


Thus, there are a number of benefits to getting your kid enrolled in junior tennis academies. Tennis as a sport is beneficial especially for kids because it increases their fine motor abilities, coordination, and overall agility. The sport is not just physically beneficial for young athletes but also helps in the growth of their minds through planning, focus, and mental awareness.

Getting your child enrolled in tennis from a younger age will help them learn these skills and achieve a sportsmanship spirit. These academies teach the sport to the children with an individualized approach so that they can get upskilled according to their own pace.


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