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Pop Tennis: Best Tennis Academy in Singapore for Tennis lessons

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If you are looking for the best tennis academy in Singapore for tennis training, then this is the right article you have come across. With a number of options available, choosing the top tennis academy or school in Singapore for best training may appear to be a tough task. However, if you have heard of the Pop Tennis, then your search for best tennis lesson ends right here.

There are a variety of factors that people can consider before choosing a tennis academy in Singapore. You can either choose a public tennis centre that provides you with professional tennis public courts or even indoor tennis courts - private to practice. Or you can choose tennis camps that provide you options for various tournaments and rooftop courts. No matter which tennis academy you choose, the foremost thing to take care of the maintenance and cleanliness of the area. Due to the same reason, Pop Tennis Academy is the best Tennis Academy in Singapore.

So let's get started and know why!

Best Tennis Academy in Singapore: Pop Tennis

With a family-oriented environment, Pop Tennis is a top tennis academy to help you become a professional tennis player. The aim of creating this tennis academy was to make learning accessible as well as easy for all young tennis enthusiasts. The core behind the formation of this tennis community was the shared vision and a strong passion for tennis. Due to the same reason, the academy has been successful in teaching numerous students since its foundation in 2020.

Though the journey of this team tennis training academy has been full of all ups and downs, it has been fruitful due to the top-notch team of coaching staff from all over the world. The tennis coaches here provide an unbeatable experience to every player while making sure to develop their foundational tennis skills. The teachers here also keep on up-skilling themselves to remain up to date with all the latest trends and knowledge in this field. 

This tennis academy offers a variety of services to its students. It helps to support students from diverse backgrounds and teach them at their own pace.


Tennis Class & Services with the Best Tennis Coach

Recognizing the individuality of each player,  Pop Tennis provides various tennis services. The secret ingredients behind the successful recipe for tennis here are a combination of Spanish and French methods along with a hint of a lot of passion.

Now let's have a look at the different types of modern tennis Singapore services & types of tennis lessons this academy provides at the best rates.

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Kids' Best Tennis Lessons in Singapore & Related Programs

Tennis lessons for kids with a super energetic aura have to be dealt with in a different method. It is crucial for the academy to hire enthusiastic tennis coaches in Singapore who are ready to give an excellent first tennis experience to the kids. Understanding the importance of this fact, the coaches at Pop Tennis help to teach this sport to the kids in a very interactive and attentive manner.

The fact that proper attention is given to each child can be verified because roughly four kids are allotted under each coach. This helps the coaches track the learning pace and speed of each child in kids tennis and give them as much attention as desired.

1. Private Tennis Lesson

If you have never been an extrovert and need one-on-one tennis training, then Pop Tennis’ private tennis lessons are the best for you. Luckily Pop Tennis Academy provides private lessons for all players, be it beginners, intermediate-level players or experts. These types of lessons are specifically recommended for players who want to learn tennis at a faster pace. The duration for which the sessions are available includes 30, 45 and 60 minutes.

2. Semi-private Tennis

Are you an introvert but still cannot learn tennis alone? If your answer is a yes then semi-private lessons are the best for you. In these types of lessons, you can partner with anyone be it your friend or a family member or kids and adults, and learn tennis along with them. However, if you don't have anyone then Pop Tennis Academy can pair you up with another player at a similar level.  Semi private lessons & tennis facilities are a great way to socialize with another person while learning to play this sport together.

3. Group Lesson

A group of a maximum of four players can play tennis under the group tennis lessons at Pop Tennis Academy. The major aim of keeping the maximum limit to 4 is to keep up with the quality of the training provided to the students. Due to the same reason, the tennis instructor can provide customized advice to each of the participants while making sure to track their progress under group lessons tennis programs. Hence no doubt why people of all ages and levels can play the game of tennis in group lessons.

Why Pop Tennis is the top Tennis Academy in Singapore?

1. Punctual Services

Out of the many important qualities that Pop Tennis follows is punctuality. This tennis game academy values the time of its students and provides on-time services without any inconvenience.

2. Extensive Experience with Additional Expertise

Focusing on the phrase 'Experience is the best teacher', Pop Tennis has experienced and globally renowned finest tennis coaches in Singapore. Due to their vast experience, these teachers keep on upskilling themselves and hence have even developed additional expertise. They have expertise in different areas like injury prevention, physical preparation, and even mental coaching.

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3. Guaranteed Satisfaction

With international experience and certifications, all of the coaches at Pop Tennis are quite passionate about their jobs. Many of these coaches are even former ATP and WTA players. They make sure to provide the best experience to all their students.  Besides this, the tennis courts at Pop Tennis have many benefits due to which the academy provides guaranteed satisfaction to its students.

4. Carefully Planned Lessons

To provide the best corporate tennis teaching experience to these students, Pop Tennis makes sure to train them in a safe and reassuring environment. This is possible only when they carefully plan their lessons. Though they can't prevent all the risks, they make sure to minimize them.


Tennis is a great game as per both fitness and fun levels. If you want to play tennis professionally under the guidance of Singapore's top tennis coaches, POPTennis academy it is. 

Thus, this was all you need to know about Pop Tennis Academy, one of the best tennis academies and its umpteen benefits in providing tennis classes and services. With a 360-degree training approach, the experienced coaches here ensure to provide a flexible and customised training schedule to help you achieve your targets with maximum efficiency.  

So what are you waiting for? Give this Tennis Academy a try.

Good Luck!


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